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“Nigeria allocated 5.62% of its national budget to education in 2020 compared to the 26% recommended by UNESCO. The low education budget has resulted in the underfunding of public tertiary institutions in the country. An average rate of 85% difference exists between private tertiary tuition rates and public tertiary tuition rate in the country.

The result of this with the World Bank’s report of 2020 of over 40% of Nigerians living below the national poverty line can only result in a low tertiary education accessibility rate. In 2020, over 2.1 million prospective students applied to tertiary institutions which have a capacity to admit 925,762.




The FATE Scholar Program under the education thematic area of FATE GIVING is to be implemented by supporting exceptional and high potential Nigerian students with pathways to commence and complete tertiary education in Nigeria.


The FATE Scholar Program will provide an all-inclusive scholarship which includes financial support- full tuition, books, living expenses etc, mentoring opportunities and internship placement among others.


Details on the structure and process for the program will be announced by February 2022


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