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FATE Volunteers are professional men and women who are experienced entrepreneurs and/or professional executives, with a passion for service to work and support the Foundation in various ways without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain.
Key Volunteering opportunities available at FATE include the following:

  • Facilitating at FATE’s entrepreneurial training and development programs
  • Mentoring and advisory support to entrepreneurs
  • Content development support for MSME Hub
  • Administrative and operational support during our programs

FATE Facilitators

FATE Foundation through the FATE School of Entrepreneurship offers a practical and detailed curriculum covering a wide range of business knowledge and enterprise development topics for the FATE training programmes particularly the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP), the Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP), the Special Entrepreneurial Programme (SEP), ScaleUp and other various courses and workshops. Since its inception in 2000, FATE has successfully run these programmes through the dedication of our volunteer Facilitators.

Mentor & Advisor

The main purpose of the FATE mentoring programme is to enhance the mentee’s personal and professional development by exposing them to ‘more experienced’ entrepreneurs and professionals who can set them on the right track and give them essential life lessons such as personal development, negotiation, and networking skills, communication skills and business plan development.

Requirements for Mentor/Advisor

For AEP & SEP: Have a minimum of 5 years of full-time enterprise development experience. OR Must be employed with a reputable company with at least 5 years of management experience.

For EEP & ScaleUp: Have a minimum of 10 years of full-time enterprise development experience. OR Must be in a C-Level position of a reputable company.

Content Contributors

Content on the FATE MSME Hub is made possible through the support of corporate and individual content partners who provide content support e.g. articles, videos, tools, templates, etc. on various Nigerian entrepreneurship-related topics.

Requirements for content contributor

  1. Have a minimum of 5 years of full-time enterprise development experience. OR Must be employed with a reputable company with at least 5 years of management experience.
  2. Have published works related to entrepreneurship or relevant business knowledge.


FATE relies on the volunteer support of individuals to provide administrative, operational and programme management support for her various internal & external programmes and activities.

Requirements for Administrative Support

a.       Have a minimum of a Secondary School Certificate (e.g. WAEC)


This call for application from FATE Foundation’s FATE School of Entrepreneurship provides details about the roles, functions and expectations for individuals who wish to serve as volunteer Course Directors, Entrepreneurs in Residence and Mentors in 2022 in a pro-bono capacity.

The right individuals should have excellent interpersonal skills and be passionate about educating and supporting small and growing businesses. They should be skilled in guiding entrepreneurs in responsible business practices and processes and seek to understand the entrepreneurs’ business support requirements and the general objectives of the programme to adequately and effectively deliver the functions as defined below:

Course Directors

The FATE School Course Directors are Senior-level professionals and/or experienced entrepreneurs who collaborate with the FATE School team to ensure that the design and delivery of our Pre-Incubation and Owner-Manager programs enable the enrolled entrepreneurs to achieve their learning outcomes. They teach key sessions on business model, strategy planning and/or relevant sector/value chain topics while also providing group and one-on-one advisory support all through the program. They work with our team to ensure that their designated programs have the right mix of faculty and content and recommend reviews as required.

Entrepreneurs in Residence

The FATE School Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) are reputable and experienced entrepreneurs&owner managers who have built thriving businesses and are passionate about using their personal entrepreneurship journeys to provide knowledge, guidance and support to entrepreneurs within their assigned programs. The Entrepreneurs in Residence provide professional advice from their vast body of venture-building knowledge to help our entrepreneurs get practical and real-life insights while navigating challenges about what it takes to start, grow and scale a successful business.

Key Expectations for Course Directors & Entrepreneurs in Residence

  • Be available at key points particularly at the program start (induction) and program close out day.
  • Serve as a member of the Jury if the program includes a close out Business Pitchsession or Strategy presentation.
  • Be willing to engage interactively in person and/or virtually to teach agreed sessions, and provide group and/or one or one advisory sessions.


Our Mentor are experienced professionals and/or entrepreneurs who provide technical knowledge, support and guidance to entrepreneurs in our Incubation, Owner Manager & Accelerator programmes. In line with the mentoring goal of their assigned mentee, the Mentor provides handholding support in achieving their mentoring objectives. Through a matching process by the mentoring and program team, each Mentor will be matched with a suitable entrepreneur through a structured matching process.

The Table below provides specific details about the requirements and expectations:

 Course Director
Course Director
(Owner Manager)
Program Target GroupEarly Stage
Growth Stage, Experienced EntrepreneursStart-upsScaleups in target sectorsAcross business stages
Experience Mid-Level Senior Executive with > 5years senior management
Entrepreneurial with 8+ entrepreneurial experience
C-Level Executive with 10+years management experience
Entrepreneur with 15+ entrepreneurial experience
Entrepreneur with 10+ experience in a high growth businessEntrepreneur with 15+ experience in a high growth businessExperienced professionals or
Experienced entrepreneurs
Time Commitment

12 hours over an 8-week period20 hours over a 14-week period4 hours a month for 4-6 months4 hours a month for 6 months2 hours a month for 3-6 months
Other Specific RequirementsExperience in Business model and business planningExperienced in Business StrategyExpertise in Tech, Agribusiness, Circular Economy Sector expertise in Agribusiness, Creatives, Health and EducationExperience in specific sectors, strategy, operations etc

*Mentors are typically matched in line with the experience level of the entrepreneur e.g. a more experienced Mentor will be matched with a more experienced entrepreneur.

The FATE School team commits to providing effective follow-up and support to all who eventually get to be selected as Course Directors, EiRs and Mentors in 2022.

General Requirement for All Volunteers

  • Believe in FATE values (Relationship, Integrity, Service, and Excellence).
  • Be willing to undergo a FATE train-the-trainer workshop at FATE.
  • Be available for at least two (2) sessions (or 6 hours) per year.
  • Provide a professional referral
  • Be willing to facilitate pro-bono (at no cost)

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